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Collaboration is easy until it comes to real money, or sharing power, or dividing other resources. Successful outcomes depend on creating and maintaining strong linkages. Local governments, civic organizations, and not-for-profits hire SCI when they have reached an impasse over how to address community problems and conflicts..

We work with community institutions, leaders, and involved citizens to change conflict to collaboration. We guide multiple stakeholders beyond competition and conflict, to identify solutions with shared responsibilities and transformative and sustainable outcomes.

These values become milestones for participants. However, our process is fluid and does not utilize a rigid or formulaic approach. SCI operates from the premise that each project has its own history and will evolve according to the needs of each particular community and context.

Our approach addresses the conditions that led to the original problem or conflict. It builds the capacity of stakeholders to engage with one another productively in a sustained and effective manner, whether at the policy or program level. When you engage our firm, you know that we will move expeditiously to resolve your problem. Protecting your most precious assets – your time, money, and reputation – is of our utmost concern. These are the things most at risk when wrong decisions are made, so our approach is to become involved early in the decision-making process to prevent a negative outcome.

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