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In addition to these successful consultancies, SCI has been actively engaged in seeking other opportunities which match the skills and expertise of our Associates. Following is a listing of proposal submissions that were not funded:

  1. Strengthening Public Safety in Detroit Michigan (2013) –submitted to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing to re-envision the delivery of police services.

  2. Conduct an Economic Impact Analysis and develop a Community Empowerment Package that would strengthen the opposition to s Casino development in Monroe County NY (2014) – submitted to the Markham Group, Washington DC, in conjunction with the No More Casinos Coalition.

  3. Rochester Innovation Proposal (2015) – Submitted to the City of Rochester in anticipation of an Innovation Proposal that was being submitted to the Bloomberg Foundation.  SCI would have provided initial staffing and trained city staff to take over the permanent staffing functions.

  4. Technical Proposal to serve as the Court Appointed Monitor for the Newark NJ Police Department (2015) – Submitted to the U S Department of Justice and the City of Newark, to provide independent monitoring of a federal consent decree.

  5. Conducting an Evaluation of the FR=EE Initiative (Facing Race, Embracing Equity) for its re-funding proposal to RACF (2015) – Submitted to Action for a Better Community, Rochester NY

  6. Conducting an Evaluation of the Communities of Giving Legacy Initiative (2016) – submitted to the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo, (NY), to assess the efficacy of initiatives to increase minority community charitable contributions.

  7. Conducting an Evaluation of the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative (2016) – Submitted to the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo (NY), to assess the efficacy of an innovative housing development initiative designed to increase the supply of affordable and environmentally efficient housing.

  8. Capacity Building for NUL Affiliates (2016) – Submitted to the National Urban League, New York City, to complement technical assistance available to NUL local affiliates, through a network of consultants and retired persons with not-for-profit management experience.

  9. Assessing the viability of a historic 100-year-old congregation in a changing neighborhood (2016) – Submitted to the Church of the Holy Cross, Pittsburgh PA, to evaluate the contemporary role of a flagship institution in a racially and economically changing neighborhood.

  10. Mapping Leadership Development in Greater Rochester (2017) – submitted to the Rochester Area Community Foundation, to inventory and evaluate various leadership development programs that were being offered in the Rochester region.

  11. Proposal to serve as the Court Appointed Monitor of the Baltimore MD Police Department, in collaboration with ADP Consulting LLC (2017) – submitted to the City of Baltimore and the US Department of Justice, based on the model developed for the Newark NJ PD in 2015.

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